Production Facilities

Mold Making

Slow Wire Cutting.jpg

· Slow Wire Cutting:

Using the Slow wire cutting for the mold, it would be with high surface finish and a high precision level, and also there is no subsequent processing required.

· Engraving Machine:

Processing on the copper to machine out the chip breakers , and it could achieve um-level accuracy.

Engraving Machine.jpg


· EDM(Electrical Discharge Machine)

Usage: It is very good to detect whether the accuracy level of each dimensions of the mold meets our requirements.

The Production Process

Automatic Press.jpg



    · Automatic Press

    Germany imported equipments, fully automated in the pressing process, the product with high qualified rate and high accuracy.


   · HIP sintering

   The HIP sintering furnace, German equipments, which could achieve better results in various indicators.

HIP Sintering.jpg
Ultrasonic Cleaning.jpg


   · Ultrasonic Cleaning


     Ultrasonic cleaning of the sintered product, helps to remove impurities on the surface of the inserts.

   · Passivation、 Surface grinder

    Inserts can be processed with high accuracy, and machine reaches μm level accuracy, which is better for different processing materials to achieve different passivation accuracy.

CVD Coating.jpg

    · CVD Coating


    Mainly Using for coating of steel, cast iron machining inserts.

    · PVD Coating


     Mainly Using for stainless steel machining and milling inserts.

PVD Coating.jpg